Watercolor Painting of Birds By Dean Crouser


Dean Crouser is a famous watercolor artist. His watercolor painting of birds are natural and vibrant.He focus on different subjects like birds and animals.  His subjects include birds like peacock, cardinal, penguin, rooster and humming birds.

Artist Bio:

He was born in Portland, United States . He grew up fishing and camping on the foothills of  Columbia River Gorge and high lakes. These places gave major inspiration to his artistic life.
His introduction to art came at age 10 when he received watercolor paints as Christmas gift. His entry into painting was completely accidental.


He tried several times to paint with watercolor tubes. He was successful in creating better paintings during his childhood time. Very soon he was able to paint with confidence. He is a self taught artist who developed his own style of painting in this medium.

Apart from art, he was also interested in the field of sports. His Etsy shop “Dean Crouser Art” showcases his original works and prints. Check his Etsy page here.

Watercolor Painting of Birds








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