Impressionist Figurative Paintings By Fongwei Liu

Fongwei Liu is an impressionist artist who is known for figurative paintings. He received a Bachelor of fine arts degree in 1994 from the Yunnan Fine Art Academy, China. But he did not enter this domain for a long time. He tried several other jobs until he found his passion for art. In 2007, he realized his interest in the art field and decided to continue his art study in the United States. In 2009, Fongwei received his Master’s degree from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco.

He was not influenced by any special artist. Whenever he saw a painting, he just asked himself about the best part of it. This way, he tried to analyze the interesting area of each painting. Richard Schmid’s works are quite impressive and he tried to learn his techniques from videos. He also loved the works of Joaquin Sorolla, Nicolai Fechin and John Singer Sargent.  Chinese artists Zhaoming wu and Huihan Liu also influenced his works.

Motivation Behind his Paintings

He got inspiration from the surroundings and was more inclined towards nature. Fongwei did not give much importance to a subject. But he tried to paint the essence of emotion, expressions, autumn colors, and natural elements.

Fongwei Liu’s works are considered as impressionist figurative paintings. What makes an artwork impressionist?

  • The artist focuses more on the nature of the subject and not the details.
  • Light is given more importance in the painting.

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His impressionist figurative paintings portray how one can beautifully capture emotions on canvas. Here I have selected some of the best works of this great artist.

Fongwei Liu Figurative Paintings










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