Famous 19th Century Oil Paintings Of Sheep

19th century witnessed several famous oil paintings of sheep in pastures. It was the age that showed a tremendous rise in the growth of art. Most of the artists loved to paint themes based on shepherds and pastures. It was a common daily scene in the European country sides. The landscape beauty of the green pastures added to the beauty of the oil paintings. Flocks of sheep was always highlighted in such works.

Prominent 19th century artists like Gregory Frank Harris, Julien Dupre, Francesco Paolo Michetti, Joseph Farquharson, Jan Bedijs Tom and Cornelis van Leemputten did beautiful paintings of sheep on canvas. Here is a selected list of the popular works of that time.

19th Century Oil Paintings Of Sheep

Jan Bedijs Tom(1813-1894)

He was a Dutch artist who represent the Hague school. Most of his works are yellowed by the passage of time. Environmental factors also affected the paintings to a greater extent. His works were restored by removing the varnish layers and cleaning the details.famous-sheep-paintingsJulien Duprepaintings-of-sheep-in-pastureCharles Sprague Pearcebest-sheep-paintingsFrancesco Paolo Michettioil-paintings-sheepJoseph Farquharsonpaintings-shepherdA Shepherd and His Dog Guarding a Flock of Sheep (Cornelis van Leemputten)


20th Century Oil Paintings Of Sheep

Gregory Frank Harris

He was born in 1953 in America. His works reveals a new dimension of place and time. He was influenced from the Barbizon school of art and impressionist movement of America.19-century-sheep-paintings

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