Top Art Blogs To Learn Oil Painting

Finding the best art blogs online to learn oil painting is  a tough task for beginners. Here I am exploring some of the top online resources that help art students. What are the parameters you expect in an art blog?

  • Simple and easy to follow instructions
  • Better narrational style and writing
  • Masterful painting techniques and step-by-step images
  • How to paint sessions


The online world offers you with an array of choices. You can learn oil painting from different skilled artist. Whatever be the level of your skill, the online world has got everything that you need. Here are some of the top art blogs that I found online.

Top Oil Painting Blogs

  1. Easy Oil Painting

It is a very useful art blog that features lessons on painting, different painting styles and lessons on art history. The site offers detailed articles on color mixing, still life painting, painting from photos and flemish painting techniques.

  1. Empty

This blog is quite helpful for beginners in oil painting, watercolor as well as pastel painting. This blog teaches how to paint portraits, painting compositions and much more! There are several famous artists who writes for this popular site. It is a great chance to learn painting from these experienced artists!oil painting step by step

  1. Guide to Oil (Bill Martin)

Bill Martin’s “Guide to oil” is a perfect blog for oil painting students. He is a famous artist who is related with the “Visionary art movement”. The blog gives lessons on art supplies and detailed sessions about blending, color mixing, shadows, contrast and glazing.

  1. Fine art (Lori Mcnee)

Lori’s blog is a boon for all the artists to understand the basics of art and learn how to market your art. If you are interested to paint landscapes, this one would be the perfect spot. She gives lessons about branding and marketing your art in an interesting manner.

      5.  Stapleton Kearn

 If you are interested in learning traditional painting techniques, this blog will be of great help. Stapleton is a famous traditional oil painting artist who paints natural scenes of england. He writes about painting of old artists and how they managed the medium.


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