Transparent Watercolor Paintings By Soon Young Warren

Soon Young Warren is known for her transparent watercolor paintings of flowers, crystal vases, bicycles and nature. She studied commercial art from Hampton college. Soon had conducted several exhibitions and has received several awards. She is a signature member of AWS and NWS.  She was featured in International Artist Magazine and Watercolor Artist Magazine several times. She started her career as a full time artist in 1998.

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She published a watercolor painting technique book titled “Vibrant Flowers in Watercolor” with step by step instructions.  She has also published watercolor tutorial DVDs explaining techniques on how to paint water with watercolor and how to paint glass using watercolor. She also explains wet into dry and wet-into-wet watercolor techniques. From her DVDs, you can study how to blend color and create diverse textures on paper.

Transparent Watercolor Paintings



Transparent watercolor paintings of glass vases are often attention demanding. It is often a tough task for professional watercolor artists. The luminosity factor decides the transparency nature of a painting. Often these paintings look like glass paintings. But in watercolor, it is often difficult to achieve the glow effect.

Soon Young Warren watercolor paintings are often noted for its luminosity and light effect. Her paintings of koi fishes and floral watercolor paintings are truly a masterpiece.






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