Amazing Watercolor Fish Paintings

Have you ever thought how to paint fish in water? Watercolor fish paintings are often interesting and creative. It is of course an interesting subject to paint.  The beautiful scales and fins add to the beauty of work. A colorful goldfish, koi fish or a tropical fish make for a stunning topic. First you need keen observation to paint such a subject. Fishes are characterized with diverse patterns and shapes. The way to draw scales and tail makes a big difference with each species.

You may find it challenging to paint a tropical fish in water. But the basic elements of drawing remains the same. When you start drawing, it is often better to start with head or dorsal fin. You can use a pointed brush to draw the scales. Painting the eye is often a tough task for beginners. It is the eye that plays a crucial role in giving life to the subject. Painting fins require extra effort on details. Harmonizing shape and color will help to give the feel of a fish pond. All you need is to bring color and shape with confidence.

Here are some of the selected paintings of fish by famous artists.

Watercolor Fish Paintings

Lnsdes (Herring fish watercolor painting)watercolor-fish-paintings

goldfish-paintingsMargaret Bergteal-fish-paintingsZaira Dzhaubaevahow-to-paint-fishMailo So

Mailo SoCathy HillegasCathy-HillegasPeter Williamskoi-fish-paintingsTerry Gilecki (Koi fish watercolor painting)Terry-Gilecki

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