Famous Landscape Oil Paintings by Albert Bierstadt

Albert Bierstadt (1830-1902) is one of most popular artists who is known for his amazing landscape paintings. He was born in Germany and at the age of two, his family moved to Massachusetts. He was fond of traveling and often covered beautiful places in west. Whenever he traveled, he just made oil sketches on paper and after reaching the studio, it was used to paint large scenery.bierstadt-artist

Albert was a prominent Hudson River School artist and his paintings were characterized with radiant light which is often termed as “Luminism”. Bierstadt was a notable artist who managed to create huge paintings of mountains and landscapes.

From 1853 to 1857, he studied art with the members of the Düsseldorf School of painting. Having a close look at his works reveals the fact that most of the paintings are dominated with elements like clouds, fog etc. His oil paintings were different with respect to the strange colors he used to paint water, green etc. His paintings are so inspiring and I am posting this as a tribute to him! Some of his landscape paintings on canvas are absolutely stunning. His paintings include:

  • Storm in the Mountains,  1870
  • Mount Corcoran, 1876-1877
  • Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California, (1868)
  • Sierra Nevada (1871–1873)
  • Lake Tahoe, (1868)

Landscape Paintings by Albert Bierstadt:

Looking down Yosemite valley




famous sunset paintings








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