Still Life Oil Paintings By Loren DiBenedetto

Loren is a promising artist from New Jersey. Her still life oil paintings are unique with fine technique. She completed her art studies from the Du Cret School of Arts and later attended the National Academy of Design and Fine arts. Her unique still life paintings are popular and widely appreciated by art lovers all over the world.

New Jersey-artist

She is gifted with amazing talents in painting and it is proved with her wide range of paintings. Her medium of painting is oil and she is focused on painting subjects like flowers, fruits and vegetables. The color combination of flowers and fruits are often unique, but looks realistic in its own way.

Loren is an inspiration to most of the artists in New Jersey and she is a popular artist throughout the country. She participated in several competitions and exhibitions. Check out some of the selected oil paintings of Loren here:

Still Life Oil Paintings


Loren DiBenedetto

Loren DiBenedetto-artist


Still Life Oil Paintings




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