Hyper-realistic Paintings By Anjaneyulu Gundu

Anjaneyulu Gundu is a hyper-realistic painting artist from India. His painting technique and selection of subjects make him unique among others. He was born in 1976 in Andhra Pradesh,India. He studied art from JNTU Fine Arts College in 2000. Most of his paintings are accompanied by a white background. He is more interested in painting still life subjects like lanterns, vessels and cans.

He was born in a village and his elders brothers were both artists. Being born in an artistic environment influenced him to step into the world of art.

Allegory and object

In his paintings, one can clearly see how objects are selected. The allegory seen in his works define the use of used and brand new objects as subjects. According to him, both objects serves a specific purpose. An object still can be used even if it have slight damages. He uses day-to-day objects like vessels, fish baskets, jug etc in his paintings. His realistic paintings are gifted with amazing details. It is often hard to believe these are paintings. Most of his works look like exact photographs. Here are some of the selected paintings by this great artist.

You can visit his Facebook page here.

Hyper-realistic Paintings

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