Tibor Nagy Landscape Paintings

During the communist era, when the artistic expression was severely constrained, he grew up in a musical family. On the other hand, these situations enabled him to develop a distinctive artistic voice primarily uninfluenced by outside factors.

The artwork of Tibor Nagy possesses an element of authenticity. The self-taught Slovakian painter creates each one-of-a-kind work by fusing his purely emotive response to his subject with an examination of cutting-edge techniques. He is always looking for new methods to express himself through his paintings.

In the early stages of his artistic development, Tibor’s approach tended toward realism and abstraction. Later, throughout the 1980s, he began to lean more toward surrealism, combining methods and experimenting while still looking for his own particular form of expression. The “Alla Prima” method seemed to be highly tempting in terms of directness, honesty, and expressiveness, but it was also a tremendous struggle because it called for an uncompromising artist.

Tibor eventually completed his first Plein air painting in 2005. Additionally, it was his first exposure to oil painting and landscape painting. Even though this technique of painting and emotion was challenging, he quickly recognized its immense potential.

Tibor has always felt a strong connection to nature, and he has always found visual expression in numerous forms to be quite natural. Natural experience and artistic experience were always complementary to one another. As a self-taught artist, this solid foundation shaped the rest of his artistic growth and served as an infinite source of motivation for him.

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He believes that keeping a peaceful mind is very much essential during the painting process. Additionally, he works extra hard to always be open to new opportunities and creative approaches and, whenever feasible, to avoid always operating at the same level.
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