Jacques Louis David Oil Paintings

Jacques Louis David is one of the prominent French artists who made a considerable change to the rococo style of painting. He was born in August 30, 1748 and he gave remarkable contributions to the neoclassical style of oil painting.

The paintings of Jacques-Louis David reflects the great style known as Neoclassicism, which marked its growth during the late 18th and early 19th century. His style was unique with specialized forms and  smooth surfaces. He was much more interested in history paintings( Lictors Returning to Brutus the Bodies of His Sons).

He supported the French Revolution and during this time he developed his unique ‘Empire style’, which was known for its use of Venetian colours. With his large number of pupils, Louis David made cemented influence in the 19th century French art. Initially he got trained from Boucher who was one of the great Rococo style artists of that time. But Boucher realized that David have a unique style of oil painting and he sent him to Vein for further studies in this field.

Davidian Neoclassicism is truly portrayed in his paintings likeThe Oath of the Horatii ,Napoleon at St. Bernard,Brutus and his Dead Sons andThe Death of Socrates .

Check out some of the Jacques Louis David oil paintings.




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