Russian Artist Ivan Shishkin Paintings

Ivan-ShishkinIvan Shishkin was a famous Russian landscape artist who belonged to the “Realistic” movement. He was born on 25th January 1832 in Yelabuga,Russia. He studied painting and sculpture from the Moscow painting school for 4 years. He received golden medal and imperial scholarship for future studies. Ivan worked as a professor for several years.

Ivan Shishkin Biography

He can be called as a “naturalist” who painted amazing Russian landscape paintings. Ivan loved to paint dense forests and tree leaves in a realistic way. His painting titled “A Rye Field” shows the real beauty of Russian fields. Ivan Shishkin technique is often of doubt for art lovers. 

  • He painted light with yellowish-green color so that it gets a naturalistic look
  • He never works on tones and preferred to work on white backgrounds
  • Often used warm violet to represent shadows in paintings

He is called as “book-keeper of leaves” because of his great detail to leaves. He studied different dimensions of plants and was much interested in exploring forest beauty. 

Ivan Shishkin Paintings

Ivan_ShishkinA Rye Field







Ivan_Shishkin_paintingRain in the Oak Forest


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