Ann Mortimer Floral Watercolor Paintings

Ann Mortimer is known for her watercolor paintings of flowers. She was admired by the transparency of this great medium. It has a great feature to show the effect of light. She live and work in Nottinghamshire. Ann started her career as a French teacher in secondary school. She raised her three children well. Later she was able to take her path in art. According to her, watercolor is a great playful medium which demands lot of control.

Her main interest lies in painting flowers. He has been teaching art for the past few years in her studio. She also exhibits her floral watercolor paintings in the annual exhibition of society of floral painters. She is the author of two successful watercolor technique books.

Ann Mortimer Floral Watercolor Paintings

Her watercolor paintings of flowers are quite natural in look. The way she deal with light and soft colors make her works unique. She loves to paint different kinds of flowers and leaves. Her iris paintings and daisy paintings are really beautiful. Visit her website here for more information.







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