Beautiful Orchid Oil Paintings

Beautiful orchid paintings often attract viewers. Most of the artists interested in floral paintings love to paint orchids. The unique petal patterns and amazing range of colors make it special and attractive. There are different colors of flowers under this species. Some are particularly found ins specific geographical areas.

Simple veins with straight lines that run parallel to each other makes the orchid leaves special and easy to paint. The number of petals in each type differs according to the family. These flowers are characterized by three types of stamens.

I simply searched online for orchid oil paintings and I came across several works done by great artists. I have handpicked some of the beautiful paintings. Check it out here. 🙂

Orchid Paintings On Canvas:

Craig Simmons
floral-paintingsJeanne Illenye

jeanne-illenye-artistArt Seekers


beautiful-orchid-paintingsJohn Slaney

john-slaney-paintingsAlbert Benaroya

white-orchid-paintingRob Kaz

orchid-on-canvasJ Gaudet

violet-orchid-paintingsBridget Bossart

white-orchid-paintingsOcean Quigley


orchid-leaf-oil-paintingNancy Tilles

nancy-tilles-paintingsBrazil Orchid

Brazil-orchid-paintingsMatthew Bates



  1. Sandra Biggin Art
  2. Sandra Biggin Art

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