Amazing Dog Paintings by Famous Artists

Dog paintings often outline the role of this animal as a pet in our life. Many prominent artists paint dog as a main subject. The skill to showcase a dog’s emotion is definitely a true art. Often this work is complemented with an array of background details. How to paint a dog eye is a tough tag from a beginner’s perspective. The details on the fur add the overall beauty of the work.

It is really a hard task to make a dog pose for a painting. Some artists use a reference photograph of the dog to paint. But a professional quality photo is necessary to get the desired result. When you think of getting a portrait of your pet dog, consider taking a photo that reflects the real character of your pet. Artists usually work in different mediums like pastel, pencil, watercolor or oil. Whatever be the medium, the real challenge is getting the right composition and behavior of the dog on canvas.

Artists who paint dogs:

  • Steven Townsend
  • Jim Killen
  • Paul Doyle
  • Ed Hofer

Observation of subject is the most essential step in drawing a dog. A portrait must include all the peculiar features of the subject. Canine nose is different in each variety and thus painting nose is a challenge. The right blend of colors and shading gives a realistic touch. Here I have hand-picked some of the best dog paintings for your inspiration.

Dog Paintings

Clair Hartmanndog-paintings19th century Portrait of a Dog (Joséphine Bowes)

The painting shows a dog that looks straight on the canvas. The life in the eyes is very spectacular and is the catchy element of this work.
painting-pet-dogHeather Lara

She was born in New England. Heather loves to paint animals using scratch-board. It is a tough medium to demonstrate painting

oil-painting-dogSaint Bernard Dog Painting by Otto ErelmanSaint-Bernard-Dog

paint-pet-dogsKillendog-painting-artist A Painted Pet (Jeanna Nelis)paint-dogBrabacon Brussels Griffon by Otto Eerelman (1839-1926famous-dog-paintings

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