Henri Matisse

French artist and well-known figure Henri Matisse was born on December 31, 1869.

French Artist (1869-1954)

Henri was initially referred to as a Fauve (Wild beast), but by the 1920s, people began to refer to

him as a French Classical tradition artist. He was a multi-talented artist with sculpting, printmaking, and drafting skills. He is most known for his paintings.

His works were influenced by several older artists, including Antoine Watteau, Nicolas Poussin,

and Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin. He is considered one of the three artists, with Pablo Picasso and Marcel Duchamp, who created revolutionary movements in the twentieth century, including the plastic arts. He was a pioneer in modern art as well.

Why is Henri Matisse a significant figure?

Most people agree that Henri Matisse was the best colorist of the 20th century. The cornerstone of the French painter’s expressive, ornamental, and large-scale paintings was color.

Five things about Henri Matisse

  • Matisse held a position as a court clerk
  • Henri Matisse’s career took a turn for the better because of his illness
  • He and Pablo Picasso had a love-hate relationship
  • Regarded as The father of Fauvism
  • The African heart was dear to Henri Matisse

What are Fauve colors?

Complementary color combinations like purple and yellow, magenta and green, or

orange and blue were popular among the fauvists.

These hues were frequently chosen for the primary color palette of fauvist paintings

and were also utilized at high saturation levels despite being on opposite sides of the color wheel.

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