How to Make Money as an Artist on Instagram

Being an Artist, the most you seek from the societies are name, fame, and money. Yes, these three things could be drawn together on the most vibrant and classy platform. As a way out, Instagram gives you an ardent and easy platform to make money by publicizing your Art. You can earn popularity, recognition, and money by making your Art a business.

It’s not that tough to market your art on Instagram. Most of the users on Instagram hook up here as it has a specialty, that attracts a class of users which are more connected to music, Art, ventures, photo freak, backgrounds, sight views, travel, exploring, and so much a lot.

How to Make Money as an Artist on


Instagram is a social media platform like others yet, it has some qualified specifications for its users that stand it out, and make it a most charismatic user’s platform for Artist.

The best ways to promote your Art as a Professional Artist could be:

All over the world Artist are thriving with their Art, and want to make them count in this hardly hustling world. Instagram can bring more openings to these artists in very subtle ways.

  • Draft an interesting post with catchy captions.

 With the best content and images, keep them much attracted and smartly tailored for achieving the business prospects. Well incorporated captions and catchy lines will make its impression last for the time that is a good sign of getting popularity.

  • Options to Live share stories and events

Here on Instagram, you can live to share your typical Art, events, and Art-forms that directly connect you to the audiences. And this is a worthy option for an Artist to get life into the communities and respond them in the best possible way.

  • Use the most shareable term Hashtag

 The using of Hashtag internally refers to various sites and linked posts in the same context, that helps it fetch over the other post. Use trendy hashtags to increase the engagements on your post.

  • Captions like king size that rules on the heart

The captions must be crafted in a very splendid way that insistently hacks the mind of the viewer, and let them stay and watch the post more frequently.

  • Well focused Images that set a right impression of an Artist

The post you design on Instagram must inculcate impressive images that best personifies you as an Artist. Images should be well describing your talent and aspects that are relevant to your Art.

  • Add quality images for more relevance

The images you add should be of best quality to convey the most relevant art and message out of them as one wish it must be.

  • High rated quality over quantity

 The content one design to promote Art or one-self as an Artist must be of unique and splendid quality in spite of quantity. The one thing that matters is the quality of your post, not quantity if you rush in.

  • Use a small and attractive hashtags

Instead of using only popular tags, try to mix with unique and small tags. Those hashtags that are under 10k users are also beneficial to some point.

The hashtags can be of different types:

  1. By process
  2. Style
  3. Daily

Eg:  According to the method and style you use, you can add hashtags like  #paintings #paintingoftheday, #oilpaintings  #instapainting  #watercolourartist #watercolor etc

Always be smart enough as an artist to promote your Art and work around the hub on your own ways. Don’t shy or restrict yourself from doing so. Make your Art and its promotion more appealing that generates traffic to your post and help you make out a statutory business out of it.

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