How to Successfully Sell Paintings To Hotels

Ever thought of selling your paintings to hotels, restaurants and offices? If you have the right understanding about the market demands, you can easily conquer this domain. There are lot people including curators, interior designers and architects who look for creative art.


When you compare gallery sales with corporate selling, it is much different.

  • Flexibility is the key

Clients always look for flexible artists to work with. If you are ready to work with client’s direction, it would generate more sales. Flexibility often makes a bond of comfort ability.

My artist friend Ashil had successfully sold may of his works to the business domain. He is more into painting acrylics and his works are easily accepted in the market.

How did he do it?

  • With a cemented online presence, you can reach out to the world around you. He established connections through art consultants. They can be a good source of information and can lead to potential buyers. But the commission rate is often high for consultants.
  • Your website is the key to get connected with buyers. Designers always look at your website to select works. The presentation of paintings in the website is a crucial part here. If you have an option for the visitor to view the painting in their space, it would be much fruitful, he says.
  • ADA compliance and other legal procedures related to different countries must be addressed well.
  • According to him, digital prints are also in great demand for those who cannot afford originals. Hence knowledge in editing images and good photographic skills would always be a plus. Hiring a professional photographer will be a good idea, even though it is a financial hurdle.
  • Be ready to answer questions. Most of the clients would ask about shipping, installation and protection of works. It is often better to answer frequently asked questions in your website.
  • The whole process may be time consuming. Sometimes it would take from weeks to months to get a final order. To build a lasting relationship with the client, constant communication is necessary. This is a tested strategy that generates multiple sales.

He says, “Beginners in this field can start with an art consultant if there are chances”. They are more into business and can easily find potential clients. It makes you free from going deep into the business side and can focus on the creative aspect well.

Selling directly to the customer can be quite challenging. You can sell your painting to hotels, offices and even banks. But finding the one that suits the best to your theme is necessary.

If you are an artist, it is quite easier to paint according to client’s requirements. It will increase the profit margin as you are the one who produce the work and markets it.

Tips To Sell Paintings to Hotels

  1. Study the feasibility first

First you need to gather information regarding all the hotels in the place where you plan to sell your paintings. A good market study will help to get a nature of art business in the locality. If you are planning to sell online to hotels, find out the current competitors in the market first.

  1. Create an art website

Online media is the best place to promote your sales. To start with you need an art website to display your paintings.

3. Communicate with Hotel owners

Make a list of potential buyers and try to contact them through phone. You can also approach them to market your paintings.

These days most of the artists are confused on how to sell paintings to hotels, interior designers and restaurants. But with a proper idea and plan, you can easily venture into this domain!


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