Elizabeth Kincaid Watercolor Paintings

Elizabeth Kincaid paintings in watercolor are known for its magic with light and shade. Her floral watercolor paintings are noted for its natural beauty and realism. She was born in Seattle and spent few years in Philadelphia before shifting to California.

Elizabeth Kincaid Biography

Elizabeth-KincaidElizabeth was graduated from University of Washington in Graphic Design. She joined the Cornish School of Arts to study figure drawing and painting. She was more inclined to study watercolor medium. She attended several watercolor workshops and studied from Aldon Mason. She has sold more than 400 watercolor paintings in the recent years. She published a book titled “Paint Watercolors That Dance With Light” in 2004.

She is an active member of Philadelphia Water Color Club and Women Painters of Washington. According to Elizabeth, she is more attracted to those things in nature with abstract patterns and vibrant colors. She is interested in realistic style of painting and her works are highly impressionistic in nature. Here are some of the selected paintings of this watercolor artist.

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Elizabeth Kincaid Watercolor Paintings









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