Oil painting Archive

Cartoon Inspired Paintings by Rob Kaz

Rob Kaz is an amazing artist from Florida. He works for Sydney and other popular animation

Still Life Oil Paintings By Loren DiBenedetto

Loren is a promising artist from New Jersey. Her still life oil paintings are unique with fine

Beautiful Orchid Oil Paintings

Beautiful orchid paintings often attract viewers. Most of the artists interested in floral paintings love to

Landscape Paintings By John Pototschnik

 John Pototschnik is a gifted landscape artist from Kansas city. He was born in Cornwall, but

Realistic Female Lip Paintings By Sung Jin Kim

Sung Jin Kim is a photo-realistic Korean artist specialized in lip paintings. The paintings are amazingly

Photo-realistic Food Paintings By Tjalf Sparnaay

Tjalf Sparnaay is one of the notable photo-realist artists of all the time. He is particularly

Realistic Still Life Paintings By Spanish Artist Javier Mulio

Javier Mulio is a Spanish artist who was born on 24th December 1957. He is known

Pablo Picasso Famous Paintings

Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) is a world famous artist from Spain. He is a well-known sculptor, designer

Russian Landscape Paintings By Dmitry Levin

Dmitry Levin is an outstanding Russian landscape artist. He follows the classical realism techniques to create

Amazing Oil Paintings By Vladimir Volegov

Vladimir Volegov is one among the best Russian artists of all the times. He was born

Duffy Sheridan Realistic Oil Paintings

Duffy Sheridan is one of the distinguished realistic oil painting artists who entered the art platform

Floral Oil Paintings By Vie Dunn Harr

Vie Dunn Harr (1953) is an amazing floral painting artist. She was born in Texas (USA).